5 Steps to Better Online Writing


There is a difference between reading on the screen and reading words printed in books or magazines. People tend to scan what captures their attention, unlike the linear reading that we might think of. As a result, they skim the content interesting them. Here are some of the steps to better online writing.

A.Create a good title

The title is the first part that the reader comes in contact with and thus the first to capture the reader’s attention. A good title will make the person want to read more about the article. This makes it worth investing some time to get the title right by making use of superlatives and adjectives.

B.Do research

Make an effort of reading about what you want to write about. This involves reading other people’s articles, watching videos about the article you want to write about. Intensive research makes your article more valuable and informative. In addition, research enables you to find out how different writers display their content which enables you to develop basic writing skills.

C.Use headlines

Some readers won’t read all the material that you have written hence the need for guidance. Headings help to guide the reader through your message enabling them to find information that is more relevant to them. A good headline helps the reader understand the message easily as it gives you clarity on what you are trying to deliver. You can do some practice writing headlines to familiarize yourself.

D.Have an outline

Have a topic sentence before laying down the points to discuss. The topic sentence gives a summary of what is to be discussed in a particular paragraph. Have your points arranged logically to enhance the flow of points. Moreover, avoid too many long sentences as they are difficult to follow. Make your work clear and concise. In addition, use transition words like besides, similarly, as a result, consequently, in fact among others when coming up with the second, third, fourth, and many more paragraphs. 

E.Use editing tools

To start with, no one is perfect. I once had numerous typos as a result of not editing my work. We all need to be corrected in some aspects of life. Similarly, you can make some errors during your writing which calls for editing your work. Ensure to go through your work and edit errors to make your work appealing to the reader. You can use Grammarly to edit your work as it is one of the simplest editing tools to use. A well-edited and proofread work increases your chances of more readers getting interested in reading your articles due to the correct spellings and well-structured sentences.

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