" Give Me The Grace To Avoid The Hazard And Havoc Of Tale Bearing, Lord "


God continues in His endeavor to give us the kingdom and to make us like Him by revealing to us some of the immoral traits and habits that are unconsciously eating deep into our fabric and may bring animosity between us and Him if we do not repent. The first is the tendency of intervening in business and argument that is unimportant to us (Proverbs 26 vs 17).

God wants us to live a quiet life, mind our own business, and learn to make our own income (1 Thessalonians 4:11), since it brings serenity and helps us gain respect from all men. God does not want us to be busybodies, but he does want us to be engaged in meaningful activities.

Second, we have a history of deceiving/tricking our neighbors just to declare "I was simply joking/playing is completely unacceptable to God (vs 18-19).

God wants us to be able to stand by our words. There's nothing quite like joking or having a good time. It is not a joke if we promise our children presents and then fail to deliver. We must always respond honestly to all guys; there is no such thing as "I'm joking or playing." Finally, there's the tendency of telling tall tales or spreading rumors.

"You shall not wander up and down among your people as a talebearer," says Leviticus 19:16a.

The act of spreading tales, particularly those that are inaccurate or harmful to the person, is known as story carrying.

God despises it and commands that we refrain from doing so. A tale bearer represents an adversary because, just as an enemy comes to steal, murder, and destroy (John 10:10), so does a tale bearer since, by his tales, he destroys one's image, kills one's happiness, and steals one's joy. The dangers and chaos that come with telling stories are numerous and include:

1. It causes squabbles and strife ( vs 20-21)

2. The words of a storyteller inflict deadly wounds in people's hearts and marrow ( vs 22)

3. The words of storytellers are full of deception; they spring from hatred, jealousy, and wickedness ( vs 26 )

4. A tale bearer reveals secrets and betray confidence because he is a busy body, he is always longing for what to say (prov 11 :13, prov 20 :19) (prov 11 :13, prov 20 :19)

5.It bring complete ruin to persons, families, communities and churches.

Tale bearing is an evil that does no one any good. Lesson we must learn is that God is warning us to keep away /repent from these sinful habits of interfering into people's affairs, tale bearing and deception of any kind. Again, we must keep away and never associate with those who talks freely for they cause division, dissension and difficulties in the body of Christ (Rom 16:17-18), and we know that evil communication corrupts good moral".

In addition, we must remember that a talebearer does not have a place in God presence, God cannot associate with them, thus we must avoid tale bearing and all other sinful traits which God had revealed to us this morning so that we may spare ourselves and other from God's Judgement.

May God teach us Lord to be people that minds our own business, whose yes is yes and no is no and who are not story bearers in Jesus name Amen.

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