Mercy Johnson Shares Lovely Photos As She Stuns In A Wrapper (Photos)


Women tend to stun in different attire especially when they are at home. This is because they feel the need to be comfortable in what they wear and stay at home.

Clothes come in different styles and designs. There are some which are just tied round the waist or the chest. This is most commonly seen in women. Such clothes are called wrapper and this is what actress Mercy Johnson stunned in today as she shares lovely photos.

Mercy Johnson is one of the Nigerian actresses who can be said to be homely. May at times, she has stunned in different home attires. Staying at home requires certain kind of clothes like tying of wrapper as most women, especially the older ones do.

Tying wrapper around the house is a habit some women have, especially when they are busy with food or the children. Mercy Johnson tied her wrapper to cover from the chest down to her legs, although she has another outfit worn inside. She tied this wrapper as she was seen sitting before a table which has rice and a plate of swallow with water. Well, this could be her meal for the day, who knows? Check her out below

Pictures credited to Instagram