5 Things That May Cause A Man To Have Delayed Discharge During Intimacy

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There are some men who may find it difficult to release a discharge from their private organ, during intimacy. This condition makes it difficult for a man to get stimulated, to give out semen during intimacy. There are times that a man may not give out semen at all, from his private organ. This medical condition can be temporary, or can happen to the person for life. Having a delayed discharge during intimacy can be normal, but it can be a problem if it is interfering with your love life.

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This article will look at 5 things that may cause a man, to have delayed discharge during intimacy. They include the following:

1. Delayed discharge may be caused by psychological issues which includes;

i. A man having anxiety about his performance during intimacy.

ii. A man who is suffering from depression.

iii. A man who is having relationship problems due to stress, poor communication or other issues.

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2. Delayed discharge may be caused by substance misuse or some types of medication which includes; antidepressant drugs, high blood pressure medication and excessive intake of alcohol.

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3. An injury that occurs at the pelvic nerves, that makes a man have a discharge during intimacy may cause delay in discharge.

4. A man who suffers from retrograde discharge may have delayed discharge. This causes a man's semen to go backward into the bladder, instead of out of the private organ.

5. An infection like urinary tract infection, may cause a man to have delayed discharge during intimacy.

How to know if you have delayed discharge during intimacy

According to a research, some men who experience delayed discharge takes 30 minutes to release a discharge during intimacy. Some men may not even have a discharge at all during intimacy. If the delay is causing distress or you have to stop intimacy due to tiredness, physical irritation or your partner asks you to stop, then you may be experiencing delayed discharge.

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It is important that you see a doctor to know if the problem was acquired, or if it has been with you since you started getting intimate.

Source: mayoclinic

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