How to Win Over Your Crush


Imagine crushing on a girl and when you finally gain the courage to approach her, she tells you that she has a boyfriend. How will that make you feel?.If you believe in yourself this shouldn't be a worry to you. There are like 123 things which you need to do and you'll win her over. If a girl is in a relationship, then it might be difficult to take her attention of her man especially if he is treating her well. This is where you need to play your cards like a gentleman. Winning over your crush may just make you feel like you've won a jackpot.

Below are some of the tricks which can help you do that.

1. Listen to her thoughts

Most girls in relationships say that their boyfriend's don't listen to them or don't give them enough attention.This means that they like being listened too and given attention.While her boyfriend is still missing in that you can fill that gap.It might be the road to her heart.

2. Have respect for her

A girl will just notice the way you view her and if you respect her from the way you talk to her, the way you treat her and the way you look at her. Respect is more than just one word. While talking to your crush talk to her respectfully while at the same time making her see a gentleman in you.

3. Stay in touch with her

Communication is key in creating a good relationship.Your availability will bring her close to you and even make her tell you her secrets.Thats how slowly love is build. Any time you are away, she will miss you and she will eventuay realise she needs you by her side always.

4. Be around them a lot

Not necessarily in a stalker-ish way. That will go opposite to the whole purpose. Maintaining your presence around her may bring a psychological effect. It means that more you see somebody, the more likely you are to like them. But who are the people you actually get crushes on, start boning, and eventually start dating? These would be the people that you see on a daily basis.

5. Do little things for her

To win a girls’ heart it is not necessary that you make big signals. You can just make a small gesture with little things like getting her favourite chocolate, flowers or sending her a thoughtful message. All these things will make her think about you.

6. Show her that you bring something new to the table

Being able to outwit what his boyfriend does is the best way of winning her. This means you are this new adventures guy available. This will surely make her start rethinking of possibilities of giving you a chance.

7. Make her feel special

Being made to feel special is a special feeling that everyone would like to have. Being treated right, being listened to, being taken care of and giving them attention is what ladies like from a man.Work on these aspects and you'll see her becoming yours

8. Tell her about your feeling

This might be your last stage to see if you've conquered in your mission. To confess your feelings you must have past through the previous steps.It is important that you let her know how you feel about her. This way youl get an honest answer from her end. If she is fully committed to her partner then it is important for you to back down and appreciate yourself.Mayb she was never meant to be yours.