How A Poor Mombasa-Born Boy Ended Up As An Aeronautical Engineer Working For The US Airforce


Aeronautical Engineer Samuel Ndoro dressed in his millitary uniform.

There is no greater pride than hearing success stories of Kenyans who have dared abroad and achieved milestones.

One of this amazing stories is that of Samuel Ndoro whose dreams and aspirations of becoming successful have propelled him to senior management levels at one of the world's richest airplane manufacturing companies, Boieng.

How did a poor boy from Mombasa with a thing for numbers and math end up in America with only an A- KCSE certificate at hand? How did he manage to become a senior engineer at a world reknown company? Engineer Ndoro answers these questions that many have asked with a lot of passion and pride.

Born in Buxton, Mombasa Eng. Ndoro had always been very sharp in school. His father, then working for Kenya Ports Authority as a clerk, worked tirellesly to ensure that he attained the best education in a private school.

He explains how he was always on the list of those who had not completed their fee payment and how most of his friends were dropped off at school in cars by their well-off parents as he used a matatu every single day. " I did not even have enough money for lunch on some days." says Eng. Ndoro.

He managed to do his KCPE, proceeded to High School where he scored an A minus. He then proceeded to get himself a scholarship to study abroad as an engineer. It was during this time that he got an internship opportunity at an aircraft manufacturing company which helped him grow his skills. After the internship, he enrolled in the American Airforce as an aircraft mechanic where he served for 4 years before retiring as a veteran.

Full of potential, Eng. Ndoro then applied for a job at multi-billion aircraft manufacturing company Boieng where he was employed since 2013 till now. He has been making big leaps at the company getting promotions every year except one and rising to senior management positions.