10 Countries With The Highest Number Of Muslims In Africa


Good day, readers! I hope you're all doing well. In this post, I will discuss some of the African countries with the largest Muslim populations. Please keep in mind that the intent of this article is to provide information rather than to spark debate or dispute among religious believers. Click the follow button at the top of the page before you begin reading. In the seventh century, Islam made its way from Asia to Africa. Africa is home to about a third of the world's total Muslim population. Islam is a diverse and nuanced religion in Africa. In 19 African countries, Islam is the predominant religion.

In any case, the Islam ideology has been met with a great deal of opposition and reactions in some African countries in recent years. Muslims make up about 48% of Africa's population. As we all know, Nigeria is primarily divided into three religions: Christians, Muslims, and traditionalists. Carrying Bibles, preaching the gospel in public, and distributing religious tracts are illegal and prohibited in some of these nations, and if found guilty, will result in death and other serious punishments. There are some of the countries:

1. Mauritania

After seizing power in 1960, Mauritania founded the Islamic Republic. The Mauritania Constitution of 1985 established Islam as the state religion and Sharia as the must-follow tradition. The population of Mauritania is mostly Muslim. According to government figures, the nation is entirely Muslim, with no other religion represented.

2. Somalia

Somalia's population is estimated to be about 11 million people, with Muslims accounting for 99.8% of the population. For more than 1,400 years, Islam has played an important role in Somalia's history. Despite the fact that the 1961 Constitution provided for religious freedom, the country has recently been designated as an Islamic state.

3. Tunisia

Tunisia is a North African country with a population of 11.4 million people, 99.7% of whom are Muslims. Tunisia's constitution requires that the country's leader be a Muslim, and it designates the legislature as the religion's watchdog.

4. Morocco

Morocco has a population of about 35.5 million people, with 99.5 percent of them being Muslims. Most religious characteristics, other than Islam, are not permitted to be displayed in public.

5. Algeria

Algeria has a population of 42.2 million people, with 42 million Muslims accounting for 99 percent of the population. Christians, Jews, Ahmadi, Shia, and Ibadi Muslims are among the others. The Protestants make up the rest of the Christian population.

6. Comoros

Comoros is an East African country with an estimated population of 850,000 people, of which 98.3 percent are Muslims. Muslims account for more than half of the country's cabinet.

7. Djibouti

Djibouti is a country in the Horn of Africa with a population of about 884,000 inhabitants, 98 percent of whom are Muslims.

8. Sudan

Sudan has a population of about 40.8 million people, with Muslims accounting for 97.5 percent of the population. In public areas, preaching and other activities involving other religions are banned.

9. Libya

In the seventh century, Islam made its way to Libya. Libya has a population of 6.73 million people, with 97 percent of the population being Muslims. It is against the law to read the Bible or preach the gospel in the land.

10. Senegal

Senegal is a West African country with a population of 15.84 million people, 96 percent of whom are Muslims. The majority of Senegalese place greater confidence in their religious leaders than in the government.

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