3 Things Women Find Physically Attractive in Men

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We've compiled three of the most intriguing findings on what makes guys more appealing to women below.

1. Your stature. Women despise this physical quality, but it is one of the most significant qualities they look for in a man. Many women prefer taller men, while others simply want a man who stands taller than them. Women prefer guys who are taller than them, according to polls and study. As a result, if you're shorter than the lady you like, there's a chance she won't find you attractive.

2. A physically fit and sturdily built body. Another component of masculinity that captures women's attention is muscles. Women consider it to be one of the most attractive qualities in a man.

Being a bodybuilder or spending a lot of time in the gym isn't essential, but having a bloated figure is unattractive. They think a manly face with broad shoulders and a slender waist is particularly masculine, and studies show that this attribute plays a big role in a man's attraction to women.

3. A deep, resonant voice. Although a man's voice does not have to be strong and gritty in order to be considered macho, experts say that a fluttering voice or a feminine tone are not the best indicators of masculinity.

Women, on the other hand, may see a deep and rich voice as a very masculine trait, even a seduction tool. You must be gifted if you have such a voice. The tones of certain men are inherently seductive and appealing to ladies.

Are there any other qualities that women find attractive in a man? You can join in the conversation by leaving a comment below.

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