Show Off Went Wrong in Zoo. He Lost a Finger After a Kion Bite his Hand

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22 May 2022

Have you ever heard an adage that says if you play with fire you get burnt? Well, a man in Kenya has given an effect to this saying. It seems like this unnamed man was having fun and forgot that in a lion's eyes a human being is a prey. If you even frustrate it it will make sure that you get a punishment of the year.

Tourists visited one of the most valuable zoo's in Kenya. The tourists seemed to be enjoying taking pictures with this amazing beast weighing up to 400 pounds. It is not clear whether this man was trying to impress these ladies but he put his finger in a cage where the lion was locked in.

Take a look at the video of this man below:

This man is lucky that it didn't bite his hand because if it he was going to lose all of it to this gigantic lion.

Some tweeps clarified that this happens almost every year in Kenya.

"This is a routine that they’ve always been doing. Jamaica zoo send them to different countries to get trained. It has nothing to do with him showing off. If you had visit the Jamaica zoo before you would’ve known that they have routines for entertaining their visitors", he explained.

Do not test these creatures because they can take things far if they want to.

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