Here are 10 things you have to be doing when you are in love with someone

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Here are 10 things you have to be doing when you are in love with someone


Emotions can be a tumultuous environment to navigate. It's easy to develop feelings for someone and not know how to communicate them. And it can be a tragedy if this happens. It's possible that your words and actions don't reflect how you really feel. There is a significant disconnect between your convictions and your actions. This erratic and insincere conduct can cause harm to yourself and others. As a result, it is important that you give your feelings value at all times.

When you love somebody, here are ten things you'll do.

1. You pay close attention to what they're doing.

It's important that you pay attention to what they're doing. Finally, make sure they understand that they can always rely on you to listen to them. You want to learn more about them and their perspectives at the same time. No matter how long you've been together, you'll never get tired of getting to know them better.

2. You hold them in high regard regardless of what occurs.

There is never a lack of respect when it comes to your friendship. Regardless of what happens, you still make sure to show her that you love her. You always respect their limits while maintaining their integrity.

3. You express your gratitude to them in perpetuity.

You always tell them how much you love them if they do something beautiful for you. You don't want them to think you're taking advantage of them. After all, knowing that your actions had gone unnoticed will be painful. As a result, you want to ensure that they never have to experience that kind of suffering as a result of your actions.

4. You are honest with them on a regular basis.

Through them, you're always truthful. After all, you hold them in such high regard that you never keep them in the dark about anything.

5. You are aware of the moments you spend with them.

Try to remain present while you and your partner are sharing sweet and priceless moments. These are memories that you will cherish. You don't think of anything else because you want to treasure the time you have together. You'd never want to take for granted the times you've spent together.

6. You make them feel welcomed all of the time.

You still go out of your way to ensure that they feel loved and valued for who they are. You also don't compel them to be or behave in a particular way. Naturally, you empower them to be themselves and to feel at ease in their own skin.

7. You want to give everything you have to them.

You have the impression that you wish you could bestow the world upon them. You just want to do everything you can to make their lives as simple as possible. You understand, of course, that this is unlikely. That doesn't stop you from trying to give it a shot. You care for their well-being and will go to great lengths to ensure that they are happy.

8. You forgive them and wait patiently for them to change.

You understand that you like them, but you also recognize that they are flawed. They are also incredibly flawed, regardless of how good they seem to you. And you remain patient with them even though they are at their worst. You can bet they'll feel bad and guilty if you don't do it. You always make certain that they are aware of how much you are aware of their flaws.

9. You owe them your undivided attention.

There is never a time when you don't have anyone to back you up. They do, after all, have hopes and aspirations like anyone else. As a result, you consistently show your respect for them and give them the impression that you still have their back. You are constantly attempting to motivate them against their goals and objectives in life.

10. You adore them without reservation.

And, of course, you would adore this individual completely. You wouldn't keep your feelings for her secret from her. And you'd always go out of your way to tell them you love them, no matter what. You'd never give them any reason to doubt your affection for them. You'd always let them feel your love as soon as possible.

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