MP Nyoro Posts Voting Papers at Gachororo Primary, Claims That The Regime is Trying to Rig Election


Hon Ndindi Nyoro, who is a member of Parliament for Kiharu Constituency ignited a hot discussion online when he posted some voting papers that he claimed that the regime is trying to use them to rig votes. (Courtesy photo)

He further said this regime is trying to interfere with by-election in Juja Constituency. 

He hit County Commander Ali Nuno for overseeing the futile exercise. He revealed that they are heading there with the media to expose that vice.(Courtesy photo)

According to him, they are dealing with the desperate regime which want to use all means to win election. 

It's remembered that the competition in the said by-election is between Jubilee party candidate and PEP party candidate, George Koimburi. However, the PEP candidate has already distance his close competitor of Jubilee party with a huge margin.

Notably, the party of PEP is muchly associated with Moses Kuria, supporter of the Hustler Nation movement. 

His post attracted several comments from kenyans, majority of them joined him in condemning those who are plotting to rig the votes. These are some of their reactions:

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