'Kumbe Ana Bahati' See How Famous Comedian MC Jessy Got Into Churchill (Photos)


Surely, God's times is the best and it can come in unexpected manner. For few people, opportunities arise from a door with little expectation and their life changes for good. This is a similar way how popular Churchill comedian find his way into the most popular comedy shows in the country.

He has thriven well in the laugh industry since he joined. His unique talent has earned him the popularity among Kenyans. Mc Jessy as he is known for his stage name is an outstanding comedian who has changed the laugh industry.

But little is known about who he got the opportunity. He got it through luck as he was connected to then found Daniel Ndambuki by his ex driver. His life started changing since then. He has to thank the former Churchill's driver Frederick Arunda for the golden chance. Arunda us currently as preacher.

At that time, MC Jessy was a church mate to Arunda serving God in winners Chapel. MC Jessy used to perform some comedy in the church.

Another famous comedian Eric Omondi also revealed that he was a schoolmate to the Arunda.

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