'Shock After a Man Takes His Daughter Out For Lunch, Kills Her by Poisoning Her Food And Kills Self

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Kirinyaga residents are in shock after a man takes his daughter out for lunch, kills her by poisoning her food and later commits suicide.

According to sources, the deceased shared the last meal with his daughter where he poisoned her food with an unidentified poison and later killed self.

It's not yet clear on what might have caused the deceased to kill himself and the daughter where many have been left with more questions than answers.

Local police officers were alarted and they at the scene immediately, collected the bodies of the deceaseds and took them to a local hospital morgue awaiting to be arraigned in court.

Mwea East police boss, Daniel Kitavi has confirmed the incident where he has urged people to be seeking counseling from trained counselors whenever they are undergoing through hardship.

Many have reacted to the post where they have condoled with the family and friends of the deceaseds.

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