Rhulani Mokwena Weighs In On A Powerful Player That Is Missing

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Rhulani Mokwena Weighs In On A Powerful Player That Is Missing

Date: 2022/01/25

Rhulani Mokwena has weighed in on the disappearance of Khaya Shozi who was loaned to Glada African Championship team JDR stars from TS Galaxy the previous season.

It was reported that the player went missing during the festive season, the 27-year-old was in Durban when the last time he was spoken to, his family is going through a lot, they have tried to understand how can a player that was destined to play for Mamelodi Sundowns be in a position whereby he forced to just to disappear.

The problem with the best players in the world is that they have egos, but the ego is good for them to survive in the external world but it takes everyone who loves them away from them.

Breaking: Khaya Shozi has been found

Rhulani is said that he was difficult to manage, maybe he was always late for training and that made his managers extra angry and they could not survive with him acting like that, so they chose to take him away like all the other talented individuals.

The problem in South Africa is that managers have egos themselves, so with that being the truth they miss out on talented players because they are afraid that they might be outshined, so they put the talent on the bench and play with pets that cannot help them move forward because they lack the drive that players with egos have.

Sunny side up for Mamelodi Sundowns coach Rhulani Mokwena

Mokwena wants players that act like Lionel Messi, to keep their heads down and not show people their tricks as to how they make it to the top, but that is a form of selfishness that will make the game not grow at the right pace, if we all shared information and ideas, South Africa will be a much better place, we will have everyone one living a purposeful life and people will be very much respected everywhere they went too, growth would be common.

Source: https://twitter.com/Soccer_Laduma/status/1485703954927263745


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