Bitter Kola Will Be Your Best Friend After Getting To Know This Powerful Information About It.

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When you are done reading this article, you will never ignore bitter kola, you will always want to eat it and use it to cure all forms of disease that may likely affect your body. Health is indeed wealth, you don’ t need to break the bank or empty your wallet before you could provide yourself a good and resounding health.

Bitter kola is richly known for its medicinal benefits, because the seeds, nuts, and back had been used to deal with various diseases. When you soak Bitter Kola and bitter lemon juice to achieve the best result in the treatment of disease such as malaria, for weight loss, for treating diabetes, to boost immunity, to cure erectile dysfunction and so on.

Garcinia kola (sour kola) additionally called African surprise nut, is a species of flowering plant life belonging to the own circle of relatives Guttiferae and grows in coastal rainforests within side the South- Western and South- Eastern elements of Nigeria, and it additionally may be discovered in a few African countries, which includes Cameroon, Côte de Ivoire, Ghana, Liberia, Gabon, among others.

Carefully follow the process below to see the effectiveness and health benefits of drinking soaked bitter Kola in Bitter lemon for 3 days. After 3 days, the nutrient will have been spread across the bitter lemon drink, then you can use it anytime.

Please follow the Procedures below

Get about 5 pieces of bitter kola, peel it and wash thoroughly. Buy a bottle of bitter lemon at any provision store near you. Slice the bitter kola into smaller pieces and put it inside the bottle of bitter lemon drink. Leave the bitter kola to soak inside the bitter lemon for 3 days.

After it has been soaked for complete three days, your medicine is ready for consumption. Whenever you are knocked down with a strong malaria, you can take it. Take 2 teaspoon morning and evening to achieve the best result.

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