"Say Goodbye To Coffins" These Organic Burial Pods Will turn Your Body Into A Tree After you Die


This viral video introduces the concept of organic burial pods, an eco-friendly idea to transform 'a graveyard of tombstones into a memorial'.

Social media time and again proves to be a source of inspiration for its users and this new video, which presents an innovative way to bury your loved ones, is going viral on the internet. Posted by a Facebook page by the name ‘Be Inspired. Aspire’, the video has over 3.1 million views.

Designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel have created Capsula Mundi, an egg-shaped pod for the deceased that offers an alternative to traditional burial methods.

The body of the deceased is placed in a foetal position inside a container made from biodegradable material before the pod is buried in the earth.

A tree, chosen either by the deceased prior to their death or by the family is then planted above the burial site.

While the burial pod looks cool and contains all kinds of life-affirming symbolism like the death-as-rebirth metaphor inherent in the egg-shaped design and the body’s fetal position inside Capsula Mundi’s biggest draw is the fact that it’s eco-friendly.

Although this burial method is currently illegal in many countries, including Italy, if it catches on, cemeteries could become serene “memory forests” where each tree represents a human life.

Husbands and wives and parents and children could all stand together as a thriving grove of trees that will provide a peaceful place for their descendants to visit.

What do you think? Would you “go green” (literally) with a Capsula Mundi burial pod?

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