Meet The World's Most Identical Twins Who Do 2000 Squats Daily To Make Their Backside Match


Identical twins Miriam and Michelle Carolus revealed that they have the same 4-foot derrières because they do 2,000 squats every day.

We ensure we take the same type of foods and eat the same amount, workout together — do all things the same,” Michelle reveals to Barcroft of their daily activities . “We ensure we do a few thousand squats daily to stay in perfect figure. Though it's not all at a go. We take rest in between and engage in some other things and then continue later, it could take about 9 hours or more at times.”

The extremely beautiful twins, who has almost two hundred and fifty thousand followers on Instagram, also stated that they make a combined $30,000 when they tried their hands at modeling “Double Dose Twins” 2 years ago.

“We first joined Instagram. It's our first social media. We uploaded a few photos and there were a lot of people commenting and following” Michelle stated.

“We don't ever do surgeries to have our perfect backside — we only do 2000 squats daily,” Miriam stated. “And when you do it naturally through hard work, it makes you feel a lot better about yourself.”

A few thousands of squats are also required during their daily exercises, the sisters will also squat up to 100 times each throughout the day, making up to 2000 in total.

“We exercise the same and ensure that if one of us has done greater, the other will have to do the same too,” Miriam stated.