Dear Ladies, Suitors Are Attracted By These 3 Things.

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A lady's self-esteem is massaged when she is always approached by a guy for relationship related issues. It is a delightful thing to be desired by the opposite sex.

It is basic and natural to feel needed and desired. It poses a great concern to some ladies why men don't approach them let alone ask their hands in marriage. I understand the feelings; very ugly.

It is pertinent to share in this article some of the reasons men approach a lady. When the cause of a thing is known, the solution is very near.

1. Appearance:

To some people, appearance is reality. What the container looks like has a lot of impact on the content. Most times, a good container has good content. The state of your eternal or outward looks defines your appearance.

Appearance is not only about the clothes but also your countenance and self-organisation. Ladies who are meticulous over their appearance attract admirers and suitors. Beauty attracts men.

Look your best all the time, clean and tidy up yourself; don't be careless about it. Work on your facial expression and outlook. Good appearance boosts confidence which is an attractive quality.

2. Personality Traits:

Honestly answer these questions- can you date you? Are you the kind of thing you would want to date? If you are not sure of your answer, kindly look inwards.

Your personality is who you are that is different from others. It defines your type of person and its unique and distinctive features or characteristics. A pleasant personality is admirable.

We are often tilted towards discovering the flaws of other people without a check on ourselves. If your behaviour, selfhood and individuality are repulsive and offensive, kindly amend it. Put up right and positive attitude towards life.

3.Mental capacity:

Intelligence is a magnet that pulls admirers. You might not tell who could be listening when you talk. When your intellect is loaded, it shows in your words. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks, the Bible said.

Men love ladies with good mental stamina and prowess. Intelligence gives economic power and makes a lady an asset. Sharpen your mind with the right and relevant materials.

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