Every woman should stop using these products because they are demonic - Ex freemason member


After leaving the underground society, the ex-sorcerer has issued some exposes. He recounted how, after his engagement to the goddess of the coast in the sea world, he became ruler of that water city, where underwater mermaids served him.

He described how, in the past, pastors were opposed to external adornments, but that today's pastors, due to the secret societies they belong to and their desire for money, embrace anything, even if some are considered abominations in the eyes of God.

Waist Beads: He alerted the masses that the waist beads that these African women wear on the hips are snakes and eggs of a snake.

The one worn around the waists and hips by African women are snakes. He emphasized and said ‘I would like to ask ladies to pray and ask God to show them what is in these wigs and waist beads that you wear. The issue is that ladies have no time to pray for these things.’

He then beseeched females to engage three days of fasting in order to discern what these wigs and waist beads comprise of.

Nail Polish: He specified that in mortuaries, he used to collect parts of corpses. He said ‘I was making the corpses sit on the belly and I was collecting their spit and they were taken underwater for the design of nail polish.’

He addressed that these nails polish neutralizes the sandals of the gospel of the believer. He said ‘you no longer have authority in your feet to dominate demons and I was working with sea mermaids to design products.'

Since you don't have time to pray about these products, they will neutralize your spiritual life and paralyze your ability to pray and to cast out devils. These are the properties of the devil because there are demons in these products and their accessories.

High Heels: He further stated that high heels give them the room to remove the sandals of the gospel on the feet of the Christian lady.

Perfume: Whenever God's children use perfume, the fragrance punches their souls with injury. Spiritual mosquitos will come to suck these injuries so that they will not heal for them to reach the level of worms.

They cause infection in the soul. He added that ‘all these things are adornments, and false prophets will oppose the true teachings and will try to convince God's children that it is okay for them to adorn themselves with these products.’

Before he ended the section, he advised that women in general never take time to ask the Lord about the products they use and what they are really made up of.

They fail to ask God about what products like lipstick, pomade, wigs, nails, lotions and lotions are really made up of. They don't have time for that. Yet these products destroy the spiritual and defensive weapons and paralyze their prayer life.

He urged everyone to follow the Lord Jesus Christ in Truth and Spirit because they are the ones who are really secured in this dark world. 

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