Meet These Three Beautiful Sisters From Anambra State Who Are making Waves in The Nollywood Industry

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Nigerian movie industry is filled with talented personalities, including kids, who are really putting in their best to see that the industry keeps progressing.

The industry houses a lot of talented actresses, however, we'll be checking out some adorable photos of the Oguike Sisters, the three kids who amazed fans with their iconic performance in the movie "My Kids and I".

In the movie, "My Kids and I" the three kids played the role of American returnees who were disappointed in the condition of the country and wanted to go back to the United States even without stepping a foot into the house. They were very rude, except the last daughter, that their dad, Bolanle Ninalowo, went through a lot of stress just to curtail their excesses.

Their Iconic performance in the movie got them fame anda lot of followers on social media who were eager to know more about them. After their performance in the movie, they went on to feature in several other movies where they exhibited their confidence, creativity and rare talent.

However, it's been over 4 years since they featured in the movie and of course, they should have changed a lot. They are all looking more beautiful and grown up and this really shows how time flies.

The three sisters are Chisom, Chidimma and Chinenye Oguike. They are from Anambra state. Their Father is a Nigerian from Anambra state while their mum is a beautiful Indian lady. They are currently under a contract with Soulmate Studio productions, they feature in most of their movies.

Chisom Oguike

Chisom Oguike is the eldest among the three sisters. She is very confident, creative, beautiful, gifted and she can virtually take up any role assigned to her by the directors. She always acts as the wisest amongst them and she serves as a role model to many kids who wish to make it through acting.

Chidinma Oguike

Chidimma Oguike is the younger sister to Chisom oguike and the immediate elder sister to Chinenye Oguike. She is also beautiful and talented, and this qualities of her coupled with her beauty and good command of English always makes her appearances iconic in movies.

Chinenye Oguike

Chinenye Oguike is the youngest amongst the three sisters. Just like her elder sisters, chinenye is also beautiful, fluent and talented, and she always lightens up the screens each time she is seen in any movie.

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