Supreme Court Makes A Major Announcement About The BBI Appeal

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The Supreme Court has announced that on October 20th this year , the Court of Appeal upheld by the ruling of the High Court, termed the (BBI) Building Bridges Initiatives as unconstitutional, null and void. The judgement was made by a bench of five Judges from the Court of Appeal led by the President of Court of Appeal, Daniel Musinga.

The Supreme Court of Kenya has announced that Building Bridges Initiative BBI Appeals that were filed by the General Attorney Kihara Kariuki.

The Supreme Court of Kenya said that it will carry out sessions which will culminate into mentioning and issuing directions on the hearing of the BBI Appeals. It said that the whole process will start on Wednesday November 9th, at 9:00am.

The Attorney General Kihara Kariuki among the others,had filed the petition at the Supreme Court, claiming that the judgements that were made by the High Court and the Court of Appeal were not fair.

It will be waited to be seen if the Supreme Court will find grounds to listen to the appeals and their final judgement on the reports

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