Sad: Another celebrity shares his thoughts on the current state of water bodies in Ghana


The current state of water bodies in Ghana have been the talk of town in recent times. Taking a close look at the whole scenario, one may admit that, most water bodies (especially rivers) in Ghana have undergone tremendous changes. People who were able to see the old states of these water bodies can attest to this fact. It is obvious that, these changes in both the physical and chemical states of these water bodies is mostly as a result of illegal mining (galamsey).

Many Ghanaians have come out to share their thoughts on this issue and most people do not seem to be happy with the way things are going. Popular comedian, OB Amponsah is one of such people as he came out to rain his disappointment on this issue. OB Amponsah who has been named 'the best comedian in Ghana' on several occasions made a crucial statement concerning the current state of most rivers in Ghana; especially Rivers Pra.

Speaking on a show at GH one tv, OB Amponsah sadly revealed how he and his colleagues could go out from school just to drink directly from a nearby river. When we we were in school, we used to drink directly from rivers- he said. The young comedian also stressed on the fact that, these water bodies have undergone tremendous changes in just a short time. According to OB Amponsah, not too many people will be able to drink directly from these water bodies nowadays.

What's your thoughts on the state of water bodies in recent times?

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