Pastor William Kumuyi has come under attack for staying mute over Don Davis incident

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According to report from Daily Post on Monday 28th December, Pastor William Kumuyi, the General Overseer of the Deeper Christian Life Ministries, has come under attack for staying mute over the alleged threats on the mother of a s*xually abused student of Deeper Life High School.

Recalled that Deborah Okezie, the mother of Don Davis earlier released another video where he cried out and expressed fear over her own safety.

The report further stated that some Nigerians took to the social media to show their disappointment at Pastor William Kumuyi for keeping mute on the ugly incident.

Below are some of the reactions gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter:

@M_Acoi “For someone who preaches against wickedness and immorality, Pastor Kumuyi has been too calm on this case. Sir, speak up and help speed up the ‘investigation’ if there’s any indeed Practice your preaching sir.”

@Cosmos “S*xual molestation is a great offence. Pastor Kumuyi shouldn’t be silent on this, the entire school management should be arrested and questioned for this act of negligence.”

@Acedouglas1 “Pastor kumuyi is too quiet for someone who often preaches against immorality and wickedness. Davies was molested and r*ped by horrible boys in that school.”

@AuntyFeyi “What has Pastor Kumuyi said about this issue?? His voice is too low for someone who screams about immorality…Davis was abused and r*ped by horrible boys, Davis is one out of the victims in that school!

@PierrePetr “This matter shouldn’t be neglected, it should be looked into, the boy’s psychological and mental health is affected and if he doesn’t get a sense of Justice he might remain like that for a long time or even forever. Pastor Kumuyi please look into this.”

Source; Daily Post

In my own submission, while some people are very disappointed in Pastor Kumuyi for not coming out to make a statement condemning the act.

In this kind of situation, the individual who are the victim is traumatized, it affects them psychologically, emotionally and physically.

All of them should have met the boy and his parents. They were duty bound to protect that boy.

I don't see anything wrong in people demanding that the man of God makes a public statement condemning such a wicked act that happened in the school belonging to the church where he shepherds. It is the best moral move and in the interest of the church to do that. In fact his silence can be misunderstood to mean approval.

Speaking against evil wherever it emanates from is a basic tenets of Christian values. After all Jesus did not promise us a church that is without flaws. He should openly shame the act just as Pastor Enoch Adeboye did when Uwa was murdered inside one of his church in Benin, so those behind this must be made to pay.

On the issue of seniority, every child is in school to learn and make friends and not to be bullied or molested by any other student or teacher.

Showing seniority is barbaric and it's no different from bullying. Besides, Most people find it difficult to forget what they went through in the hands of seniors and will pay back at any given opportunity.

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