“All The School Fees Should Be Completed On Time," Cs Magoha Declares While In JKUAT University


Professor Magoha who was at Jomo Kenyatta University to launch a special building that will be used by the university institution to do research. He claimed that parents have to dig inside their pockets as their children return to school. He said that all children are expected to avail themselves in the various institute as per the stipulated dates from various principal. However, he claimed that all the parents should make sure that they complete all the school fees before returning their children to school. He said that the school should have enough money to they can purchase food and also books.

Cs Magoha called upon all the principal to make sure that all students pay the school fee before being allowed to go to class. He also urges the principal to make sure that the needy students are well taken care of and should not be sent home instead they should contact various guardians.

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