Dear Pregnant Mother do You Sometimes Have Some Minor Pregnancy Disorder? You Should Know This


Being pregnant comes along with challenges which can be minor and challenging.It is not an easy journey and therefore we need to support our pregnant and future mothers.

Learn to be there for them,show them love and support them at this time.Considering I have some knowledge concerning pregnancy,then I always want to share with every lady and to educate them.After reading this article please feel free to comment and share.

There are minor challenges that come with pregnancy and it is normal for every lady.They are caused by high hormonal levels and too much pressure in the uterus.This is why the pregnant mother is always adviced to visit the clinic and receive the pre natal care.

Here are some of the minor challenges that are associated with pregnancy that every lady should know.

-Morning sickness accompanied with nausea,fever and vomiting.

-Itching under the abdomen caused by rapid uterine growth.

-Fainting caused by vasodilation in Pregnancy.

-Micturtition which occurs at the tenth to twelfth week and during late pregnancy.

-Constipation and difficulties in passing stool due to the relaxation of the uterus.

Salivation due to high hormonal levels.The lady is therefore advised to take in more fluids and exercise reguraly.

-Dilation of some veins in the body therefore causing varicosity.It normally occurs in the anus,legs and vulva.

-Pica which is a condition where a pregnant mother has cravings for unnatural food substances such as cakes or ice creams

-Leg cramps which is the tightening of the affected muscles.

Backaches and they are advised to wear low healed shoes,use firm mattresses and avoid long distances.

-Oedema which occurs at the late pregnancy.The have discomfort, exhaustion,false labour and urinating frequently.

Pregnant mothers should therefore visit clinics regularly for more checkups and doctors advice.

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