Death Claimed another great Legend's Life Yesterday, RIP

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The death of Patrick Shai came as a shock to everyone as he seemed to be doing fine before yesterday. However, death has no friends, family or enemies, it arrives wherever it arrives at anytime.

According to the report provided by the police, Patrick Shai murdered himself and the body was found by his wife inside the house, not clear but the investigation are still undergoing. People are now assuming that she has something, just something behind his death and she could be the one who killed him.

However, Patric Shai was happy during the week when he shared his video over the internet demanding for a boxing match with "Don Billato" Rifilwe Pholo also known as Cassper Nyovest. On that video, Patrick Shai called Cassper Nyovest's mom insulating names and he said he was ready to bring him down because he is a small boy. The video went viral until it reaches Cassper Nyovest and he didn't take it in a good way after his mom's reputation was ruined.

" We are not in America, how can that old guy disrespect me like that, Calling my mom something that she isn't?, I'm feeling disrespected," Cassper Nyovest response.

Even twitter followers were with him, nobody's calls or disrespect anyone's mother just like that over social media, especially celebs and gets away with it: Cassper Nyovest fans.

After it was announced that Patrick was no more, people started to say that he was killed by depression caused by Cassper Nyovest's reaction. The old man sadly apologized on his twitter account following his intentions.

"We need to learn how to forgive, especially those who politely ask for forgiveness like baba Partrick Shai. We all make mistakes and regret later; and I think you made a huge mistake by refusing to forgive him after such a polite and emotional apology. RIP baba Patrick Shai," says a twitter follower


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