Wilson Sossion Advices Teachers To Be Well Trained For The New Curriculum


1) Wilson sossion advice that for the smooth running in development and drafting for the policies towards the syllabus to be covered,

the teachers must be widely made aware of the new curriculum so as to enable efficient curriculum coverage, adoption together with its implementation.

It will assist teachers in the formation of individual strategies of teaching the new curriculum that will benefit the student very much.

2) He advised that teachers to be shown the objectives and goals of the curriculum by giving them the instructional resources as this will enable them to be able to acquire more important information about the curriculum,

so that they can make sure that the students get genuine assessment towards each specific program in the syllabus.

3) He said that the teachers having a wide knowledge of how to teach, due to experiences and competition among themselves, they would be able to implement the curriculum in a more suitable way to the students.

Hence the curriculum development team should consider teachers a lot as part of the environment that could affect the new curriculum implementation.

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