Former Powerful Speaker Predicts BBI Appeal Outcome, Tells Uhuru-Raila to Start the Process Afresh


Photo courtesy Facebook

Former National assembly deputy speaker Farah Maalim has yet again deliver bad news to Building Bridges Initiative BBI drive supporters.

His message comes ahead of the Court of Appeal hearing which is set to start on Tuesday.

According to Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka allied politician, BBI proponents should not bank on the court of appeal to overturn all the grounds under which High Court judges declare BBI drive unconstitutional.

He said the court of appeal might only overturn a number of the arguments by High Court and not all the 21 grounds.

He said BBI proponents needs accept and start afresh the constitutional amendment efforts through Building Bridges Initiative BBI drive.

“The appeal might likely overturn some of the 23 grounds upon which High Court declared the BBI process as unconstitutional. Assuming Court of Appeal will overturn all the grounds is a pipe dream.”- Farah Maalim#PunditsNightTV47 @Abouhbakar @FarahMaalim"

He further attacked president Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy saying there is no legacy that will be left behind in their 10-year reign.

Photo courtesy Facebook

“There is nothing to write home about as far as UhuRuto legacy is concerned. Maybe if President Uhuru manages to lead the country into a free, fair referendum," he added.


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