Skeem Saam cast tries Magongwa challenge with shades on

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They look great with shades on


The Skeem Saam cast always look very happy behind the scenes, you can see that they truly enjoy their job. Some of the cast members seems very strict on the roles that they play but during this challenge you can see how amazing their personalities are.

What people love about Skeem Saam is that when it comes to work, they put all their energy to it and very disappoints their fans. This challenge has made a lot of fans happy because of the scene from the show. Meikie, John, Celia, Bopape and Mr Kgomo are on this challenge.

When Magongwa wore his shades he reminded most of the fans about Rachel when she used to wear shades too. Even one of Magongwa's children asked him why he is wearing shades like Rachel. This has to be one of the best challenges on Skeem Saam.

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