Ministry of Health Announces The Following Report Concerning Covid-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has always caused a star in the media because every site you get access to the ongoing stories of the disease. Every new day, details emerge from all around the world on how the pandemic situation is in different countries. Recently, India has been in the worst situation because the disease has hit the country hard.

Kenya has also been in the frontline to ensure that its citizens are up to date with the ongoing pandemic. This has been possible through the ministry of health which has been giving reports daily to the its citizens to ensure that they are all updated.

According to the report announced by the ministry of health in today's updates, Kenya has recorded 345 people who tested positive for the disease. The report indicated that a sample size of 6,686 people were tested in the past twenty four hours. This turned out to be a positivity rate of about 5.2% which is a great decline.

On a positive note, it was reported that one hundred and forty (140) patients recovered from the disease and out of the 140, eighty two (82) were from the Home Based and Isolation Centers. As at now the total number of recoveries stands at 109,217.

It was so saddening and worrying after the ministry of health announced that twenty four (24) patients succumbed to the disease in the past twenty four hours. This has thrown so many Kenyans in to sorrow and mourning.

In addition, the ministry of health also noted that over one thousand two hundred (1200) patients are currently admitted in the health facilities countrywide. 6,654 patients are on the Home Based & Isolation care while 154 are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Out of the 154, 101 are in the supplemental oxygen.

This report seems to be so alarming in spite of the decline in the positivity rate. It is high time that Kenyans stop the casual behavior of not adhering to the health protocols and measures ruled out by the government and the ministry of health. Kindly, let us have our masks on when in the public premises, maintain social distancing, avoid any social gatherings and remember to sanitize always.

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