Nilikataa Kufanya Tendo La Ndoa: Stevo Simple Boy Explains Why He Broke up With Ex Pritty

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Nilikataa Kufanya Tendo La Ndoa: Stevo Simple Boy Explains Why He Broke up With Ex Pritty.

Monday, 16th May 2022, Nairobi Kenya.

Stevo Simple Boy has spoken up about the reasons for his breakup with Pritty Vishy.

Stevo acknowledged to Mungai Eve that he is still as innocent as a little boy in an interview with the YouTuber. He admitted that he never slept with his ex-girlfriend Pritty because he was against intimacy before marriage.

The Freshi Barida Hitmaker told Mungai Eve that when he recommended that they get intimate after their wedding, Pritty felt irritated. Pritty was never convinced, and she eventually dumped Stevo.

"I was adamant about not sleeping with her. I assured her that we may marry if she was a good girl and acted maturely. I also told her we'd get there (intimacy) after our wedding, but she couldn't wait. She subsequently left me, claiming that I am too religious "the singer said.

Pritty Vishy claimed in a linked piece that she was startled to learn from her ex that they had never had intimacy.Pritty Vishy told Caren Nyota of that she feels guilty that her ex is using her name to clout chase.

"I was shocked after seeing the story. We have never had sex or slept in the same bed before. He's a reserved individual" Pritty explained. "He used to live with his married sister in a single room and we never got the chance to Twa Twa," she continued.

Pritty was among the supporters who turned out to support Stevo at a neighborhood club on Sunday, May 15.

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