10 Body Changes That Need Attention!


1.) Eyebrows loss. Sometimes, eyebrows usually suffer from hair loss. If you notice excessive hair loss, or bald spots on your eye brows area, this could be symptoms of malnutrition , skin infection, hormonal changes and physical trauma. Eyebrows hair loss is also linked to thyroid issues ,leprosy and psoriasis.

2.) Changes in color and shape of your nails. Your nails health can suggest your overall state. Healthy nails are smooth without any pits or grooves and without any spots. Very pale, brittle white nails can be a sign of anemia, malnutrition or liver disease. Anemia usually causes nails to break off easily. Yellow nails can imply a fungal infection and in rare cases indicate thyroid or diabetes. Nails can also turn yellow due to damaged airways, tuberculosis or jaundice.

3.) Cock-screw hair. Cock screw shaped body hair can be indicative of vitamin C deficiency in the body. It can also be due to deficiency in protein structure for the hair growth, which is mainly caused by deficiency of vitamin C.

4.) Sudden redness of the skin. Skin redness can be caused by sun burns or an allergic reactions like eczema, a drug allergy or rosacea. Skin redness can also be due to contact dermatitis or chemical burns.

5.) Dry skin. Too dry skin can be recognized by small fine lines ,cracking and flaky dry patches , which are caused by diabetes or hyperthyroidism. This condition makes your skin to become dry causing them to crack and become easily infected. A skin that is too rough, dry and prone to cracking can also be a sign of underlying dermatitis, which is characterized by dry ,itchy skin which breaks.

6.) White patches on teeth. A common cause for this is dental fluorosis. Severe fluorosis leads to tooth decay and enamel discoloration. Another cause of white patches on teeth is enamel hypoplasia, which causes the enamel layer of the teeth not to form properly.

7.) Feet deformities. This can be indicative of disorders such as splayfoot and pronated foot. Foot deformities may be present at birth but can also develop later due to lifestyle or diseases.

8.) Hair loss. If you notice excess hair loss, it could indicate thyroid issues, autoimmune diseases or skin infection. Thyroid diseases can disrupt your hormonal balance leading to unusual hair falling. Autoimmune disorders can cause bald patches and infections that cause dandruff issues leading to hair loss.

9.) Dry cracked lips. If you have persisting dry cracked lips,it could be an indicator of an allergy or medication. Painful cracks at the edges of lips can be due to lack of vitamin A, vitamin B and C.

10.) Pale lips. Pale lips with bright contours can be indicative of poor health state. In case you notice swellings on the red contours of your lower lip, this could be caused by sensitivity to UV rays. If the middle part of your lip is swollen with small bubbles, it could be due to vegetative neurosis.

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