Interesting Details About Victoria Ndunge, Baby Mama To Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior's Daughter


Victoria Ndunge is Baby-Mother to Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior's daughter as well a very determined woman highly focused in achieving the best of her businesses as well private endeavours. Her daughter is seven years old now and in school save for Covid-19 which has disrupted learning in school.

Victoria Ndunge sired his daughter against the wish of Senator Mutula Kilonzo junior who confirmed to have given her money to the tune of Ksh 150,000 to procure an abortion. However as a strong woman Victoria Ndunge never carried an abortion rather opted to raise her daughter solely.

Victoria Ndunge however later moved to court to compel Senator Mutula Kilonzo junior to take care of the needs of his daughter. According to the Senator however is that the daughter is not his as Victoria was in another relationship at the time they were together, as well the young daughter resembles the other man and not him. He has also accuses Victoria Ndunge of blocking attemts for him to have DNA test carried in India to confirm the child's paternity.

Victoria Ndunge however has moved on to raise her daughter singlehandedly as Mutula Kilonzo junior has completely refused to take care of their daughter. She has focused her energies to ensure her daughter achieved the best in life to have her passions and dream remain solid and valid.

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