I Refused To Bring My Ex-Husband To The US Because He Did Not Respect Me - Lady Reveals

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US-based Ghanaian Elizabeth Appiah-Kubi has revealed that she didn’t send for her ex-husband while they were still married because she disrespected her. 

Speaking on Daily Hustle Worldwide, Elizabeth mentioned that aside from the disrespect, her former husband’s character changed soon after she travelled back to the US. According to Elizabeth, she could not take the disrespect because she did not get such treatment.

”Years after my husband’s death, my mother persuaded me to get married again. We knew each other from back when I was living in Ghana. We got married, and I had plans of filing for him to come and live here too. 

But I had a change of heart because of a few things. We all have different characters, and I had heard that he was cheating, but that wasn’t a problem. As a man, you must respect your wife too. I knew him, but we did not date for long,” she told DJ Nyaami.

Miss Appiah-Kubi added that the marriage did not last long. She divorced him. According to Elizabeth, she has not married since because most Ghanaian men in the US have wives back home. 

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