Report: We Arrested 230 Suspected Criminals and The Boss Of Ashawo In Circle – ACP Arhin Kwasi Arnor


Ghana Police arrests about 230 men and women who are into arm robbery, prostitution and the likes. The suspects, some of which are foreigners were believed to be engaging in this act. 

This is what the police commander ACP Arhin Kwasi Arnor said in his statement sighted by “Davidographix"

He started by saying that, “ Two weeks ago, we had a hint that, there is an area in circle where youngsters have grouped and have been carrying out some illegal activities at the spot. We've been monitoring their activities for about two weeks now, and then yesterday with the permission of my boss Director General Operations we decided to troop on them. And fortunately when we went there, we were able to arrest some criminal suspects. The total number of people arrested were 230 with some unlegalize motor bikes among them that, we suspect they use for robbing. But there is one lady among them, who was believed to be the leader or the recruiter of this prostitutes into the business. We were able to retrieve some amount of 6,700 cedis from her". And we are still investigating his matter very well since she has confirmed.

As he conclude his statement he said that, they will forward the issue to the Ghana Immigration Service, since they believe that majority of the victims were immigrants and they all came into the country through illegal means. Because when it comes to immigration matters, they the police, has no power to deal with that. He ended by saying that, they will make sure they carry out this activity every week, to minimize the crime rate in the country.

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