Mzansi People Are In Love With The New KK Character In Muvhango (see comments)


Now that the battle between 2 ex friends imani and marang over james.Has been on the screens for quite a number of episode's and it seems to have escalated to all the possible levels so far and it seems to be one of the things keeping a lot of people glued on the soapie .

One thing that seems to be taking a lot of fans right now is Khakhathi mulaudzi's character.A lot of fans are impressed and inlove with what he has been upto lately dispite the fact that mulalo wants to take him out.

If you watched tonight's episode.I take it that you noticed that mulalo just took his first step in taking him out and its only a matter if time untill he finally gets rid of him.

Well with things being that way a lot of fans has been talking on social media lately.

Take a look at what some people having been saying about the whole sistuation of mulalo wanting to take KK out.

With all that being said what is your take on this matter?Do you think mulalo will bring down KK or he will fail?

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