Natural Foods that Annihilates Cancer Cells

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I know most of us have been researching on this to know the natural foods that can eliminate cancerous cells especially where chemotherapy fails to apply. Before I enlist those foods properly, I want to define what cancerous cells are.

Cancerous Cells are when normal body cells experiences series of mutations leading the cells to grow and divide beyond control in otherwords, these cells have the capacity to invade nearby tissues and thereby spread in other regions of the body. 

To know more about cancerous cells, you can choose to research on your own but I will be enlisting the natural foods that can kill these cancer cells and stop its spread. These foods can also create conditions that are unfavourable to these cancer cells by destroying old and malfunctioning cells in the body.

They are;

1. Chlorella: This is a fresh water algae that helps to prevent cancer in the human body and also aids in slowing down the growth of cancer cells. The environmental toxins and pollutants are being neutralized by the Chlorophyll by helping the blood to carry oxygen to the cells and tissues.This is because when cells are fully oxygenated, cancer can't thrive.

2. Green Tea: Majority of us must have heard about this tea. I'm glad to say that the green tea contains antioxidants that are called catechins.These catechins are in form of flavonoids. When these catechins are added to a tea, it shrinks and reduces the growth of tumor cells. Therefore, I can advice that adding a cup of green tea to your food timetable can make good changes in your body.

3. Tomatoes: In Nigeria, these fruits are what we use in preparing meals like stew, sauce etc but the fact is eating tomatoes reduces the risks of heart disease and cancer. This is because they contain carotenoids and lycopene which helps to interfere the growth of inflammatory substances. Tomatoes also protect cells from damaging the individual's DNA which leads to cancer gradually.

4. Sea Vegetables: Vegetables such as kelp, kombu etc are rich in essential minerals and also have the ability to prevent cancer. These sea weeds contains Calcuim, iron, magnesium etc. These vegetables are known for having lots of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients which delivers risk-lowering benefits in cases of colon cancer and other cancer types.

5.  Garlic: This is a popular vegetable that has been used as a medicine for  thousand of years ago. In a garlic bulb, compounds such as diallyl sulfide are given out after the bulb has been broken into cloves. These compounds energizes the natural defenses of the immune system against cancer and also has the potential to reduce the tumor growth.

6. Berries: We have known berries to be delicious but there are't just a tasty treat  but also quite effective against cancerous cells. Studies have shown that they are antioxidants that heals cell damage which also helps to prevent cancerous cells from growing and spreading.

7. Turmeric: This is one of the spices used in Indian foods. This spice reduces some of the actions of certian cancerous cells. Studies have shown us that it helps to constrain tumors while slowing down the spread. The goodnews here is that it readily available at any store.

Thanks and Stay Safe.

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