Do You Think Ghana Is Safe With Today’s Youth In Secondary Schools? Checkout Some Photos


Today’s youth have no access to hardworking and furthermore with their education because they believe there’s a legal and illegal way to make money and therefore bring up immoral living to their society. In this article, let us read what is causing that and leave your thought after reading. Before you read, kindly share and follow for more updates.

Ghana has over 500 secondary schools and now in a free education process. It’s assume that everything which is free has much disadvantages. Many citizens were happy when free education system was launched and students who couldn’t get the chance are now in school. After the lockdown many students lost interest to continue, some became pregnant and some couldn’t continue.

Main content in this article is to see some photos of secondary schools in an immoral act and ask ourselves if the country is safe.

Checkout some photos of immoral acts by students;

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