Best investment to do in Ghana


I recently wrote about a company in Ghana that teaches Forex for free. where we had an interview with the CEO of the company. I later decided to dig deeper into the company by visiting their website "tylonacademy" and luckily I found out that they have an investment service too. normally I would just skip that aspects because of the recent happenings in Ghana. but what got my attention was the fact that I didn't have to send them money before the would start.

so I said that my self that since there is nothing to loose why not give it a try. so fast forward I contacted them through the website and they explained everything to me and how it works. All short all they said was very good because i was at a low risk of loosing my money. And the fact that I was the one to monitor and control the account was even a blessing. they had 3 plans a could choose from which are the Basic plan ,classic plan ,and the aggressive plan. you would find more about that on their website. Their profit slit was 70/30 which means they keep 30% of the profits and I keep 70% which is cool right?

I decided to start with their classic plan and wait for two weeks, because withdrawals of profits are done every 2 weeks. so in short. I withdrew my profits and it took about 3 hours before I received the money into my bank account. I had to then send them 30% of all the profits I made because they had no control of my live investment account and they cant make any withdrawal. so overall after sending them their share I was left with exactly GHc 300 which is oh for just two weeks of investing GHc1000.

so I think this is the safest investment to do in Ghana right now. yes, you may have your own question just like I had, don't keep them. just ask them and they will clarify you.✔✔

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