South Africans were sh0cked As female KZN teacher silences students in class with a gun

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A female teacher at Phambili Secondary School in Rossburgh, KZN is accused of pulling a gun on her students, which has shocked the education community.

Because of this, parents have marched to the school to ask the teacher to leave right away.

The daily Isolezwe newspaper said that the teacher pulled a gun on her students to get them to be quiet. This has caused a lot of anger.

The angry parents said that the teacher had turned the school into her prison and that other teachers were afraid of her.

"Where have you ever seen a teacher use a gun to get kids to be quiet in class? This is crazy, and she needs to leave school right away, "said an angry parent.

Parents have signed a petition and given it to the school's principal.

The KZN Education Department did not say anything about the issue. No one said whether the parents had filed a criminal complaint against the teacher.

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