Simple And Natural Means Of Making Your Teeth Whiter


White teeth is the most important thing many individuals were desperate to receive but unfortunately they don’t really know how to maintained it as well. Some people perhaps spent a lot of money to purchase those chemicals or items on their yellow staining teeth, which is not advisable at all, in this article we are actually going teach you the simple procedure to brighten your teeth without any chemicals or any items thing. 

And it is unbearable that some beautiful ladies and handsome guys couldn't speak in public because of the smell that emerge from their mouth and also the yellow staining teeth.

Basically our teeth are one of the first things people usually notice. In this case we know what charcoal and lemon is, I am going to teach you the effective role that charcoal and lemon had played . Which can brighten our teeth and remove bad odor from the mouth respectively.


The lemon is a species of small evergreen tree in the flowering plant family , 

 Lemons are really superior properties of vitamin C, which has good and powerful antioxidant. Therefore , one squeezed lemon create a provision for about 20% of a person's daily basis . and lemon is good when it add to charcoal.


Charcoal is a lightweight black carbon residue produced by strongly heating wood in minimal oxygen, charcoal is also good when it add to lemon, they are utilize for numerous medicinal purposes.


Cut the lemon into two and squeeze the lemon water into a cup, and after that grind the charcoal and pour the charcoal powder onto the lemon water and stir it nicely until it mixed. Use it anytime you are going to brush your teeth.

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