Will The Newly Found Fame Of The Amputee Woman Last Or Will It End Like That Of Mr Spells?


In 2018, a viral video surfaced online, and in that video, a drunk man was asked to spell 'Buhari'. Being drunk and an illiterate, he spelt gibberish. It was surprising when he was made famous and invited on several stand-up comedy shows to perform. In a space of two years, he is back to the street, begging for food and alms. Will this same fate befall Mary Daniel?

Less than two weeks ago, Mary Daniel, an amputee, was discovered in the streets of Lagos, hawking pure water. She was helped by some influential individuals who supported her, took her off the street and gave her some money to start a business. Today, she marked her birthday in a grand style, a new Instagram account, marydaniels_amputee, was opened for her and a handful of famous individuals have made her famous just like they did for Mr. Spells.

I want to leave a question for my viewers, how long do you think this support and fame will last? What will she do and where will she go after that? I believe some people are not just ready for the fame they get now. Using Mr. Spells as an example, despite all the attention and fame that was given to him, where is he now? It's nice helping the young lady, but making her famous might jeopardize everything that has been done.

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