The Indiscipline Amongst Some Basic School Students: What Might Be Wrong? And Who's To Be Blamed?


In those days, I remember when learners at the Basic levels of education in Ghana were submissive, and whole heartedly submit to the dictates of their instructors (teachers), both learners teachers and learners lives in tranquility. Unlike today, tranquility has become like the grasses at your backyard which provide comfort to many reptiles including snakes, reversibly posing dangers to the entire households.

This has sent many, most especially teachers into thinking as to the Genesis of these fracases, where a student strikes at his or her teacher with fumes wanting to take the position of a teacher and to spell to the teacher what he will and what he will not do, if the teacher fails to accord to the wishes of the student, in some cases degenerate into different, sometimes with the teacher being assaulted.

Are we making a progress or retrogressing? Where students are now empowered, with the teacher being stripped off his powers, cannot sanction any form of punishment, not necessarily supporting abusive punishments but at least those ones that corrected the olden students could have been maintained. No forms of discipline in schools, students do whatever they want since teachers have been incapacitated unlike before.

Not surprising in a couple of videos we have been seeing floating on social media, students will ganged up and beat up a teacher, sometimes to death. These were not known of students, many think they've been over empowered, given freedom with no boundary and whilst others believe we may be copying blindly as far as the implications of certain polices are concerned. 

This hasn't only led to the dwindling of discipline, but has also affected students performance academically with bad grades being churned out each year at the basic level. A student can decide to come to school anytime, chooses to be in the classroom and no class control since teachers have little to do. This is even worst in the public schools in the rural areas. 

Who might be at fault? I will like you to engage on this by putting in your comments. Are we copying blindly or is the right time to give learners a wholesome freedom without limits or such rights are not well implemented by Managers of Education?


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