They Are Moonlighting And It Is A Disgrace

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one of the caregiver's working as a health worker in one of Dennilton Hospital posted on facebook showing disappointment about the Philadelphia Hospital in Dennilton Limpopo. many people are disappointed about the bad treatment Patient's gets from that hospital. Philadelphia Hospital used to be the best Hospital while was still under Mpumalanga.

Herbert Said, " Philadelphia will always be Philadelphia with its lousy service, how do you keep people waiting for health services for the whole day and later just decide to turn them back home just because you want to knock off.

P" Philadelphia Hospital service had been so poor and it continues to dectoterate , and getting worse our parents children and our grandparents travel's long distances, some being reffered by local clinics for emergency services, but now they are told to go home, simple because the Dr want to knock off, is this hospital run by one Doctor"?



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