The Worst and Horrifying Ways People Died in History

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Loosing a loved one is a very sad situation and heartbreaking moment. Death is never an easy thing to accept, and when a loved one dies family and friends can be left heartbroken by the tragic loss. The situation can be made worse where our loved one has met their death so tragically through an accident or were murdered. Here is a list of people who breathed their last in horrifying ways and were swept away from the face of the earth in a tragic manner.

1) Lito Pena

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On February 12 2009, Lito was riding on a roller coaster in the Star City Complex in Philippines park with when he fell down. Before his death, it is alleged that when the roller coaster started moving, Lito tried to get out from the ride and when the coaster was inverted he fell off the ride falling 15 meters down. He died on the spot at 39 years of age.

2) Asia Leeshawn Ferguson

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The 17 year old lost his hat while riding on a roller coaster with his friend at an amusement in Georgia, USA. Later, after they alighted, him and his friend decided to go and grab the hat beneath the coaster before it passes again. Unfortunately the coaster came and decapitated his head.

3) Xian Liujuan

Image Courtesy | Buzzfeed News

On July 2015, a 30 year-old Xian was riding on and escalator at a mall in Hubei, China with her son where she fell from the top platform of an escalator throwing her 2-year old son to safety before falling into the mechanism of the escalator and lost her life.

4) John Bowen

John was playing a football ball in the pitch when a 40-pound model plane which was shaped like a lawn mower fell and cracked his skull in New York. John was just 20 years.

5) Megan Moore

Image Courtesy | The Argus

Megan was travelling on a train when she got off and then started running along the train wearing stiletto heels in West Sussex. It was alleged that she just wanted to get attention of two girls on board when she suddenly slipped and got crashed by the train. She was 16 at the time.

6) Hugo Alvalos-Chanon

Image Courtesy | Celeb Saga

A 41-year-old man in Oregon died after falling into a meat grinder when he was cleaning it. As he was cleaning he got tangled in the machine and was pulled in.

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