He posted a picture of his family and people say his son looks like his friend

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Imagine posting a picture of your family on social media only for people to redicule you. A Man on Facebook posted a picture of his family and people commented that the baby is not his. A lot of people commented that the baby looks like his friend and he should go for a DNA test. This is what People had to say;

"The real father of this baby looks like Killer Kau.Brother go for DNA test. Even Stevie Wonder can see that this baby is not yours. You are are both dark and he is light,infact, he looks like your friend. Don't say I didn't tell you." Said Lame Simon.

"This is why I'm never getting married. This gender is dangerous,it is clear that you are not the father. I feel sorry for you because you are supporting your friend's son. This is sad,please my brother go for DNA test because this is not your child." Said Stix Modutuane.



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