Startup The New Month With Laughter As You Go Through These Hilarious Photos For Fun


It's a new month and there's nothing better than starting it with a cute smile on your face. In the quest to put a smile on your face, I've searched the height and depts of the internet and I've gathered some hilarious photos just for you.

1. Can someone please explain what's going on here? I heard this granny traveled to China and she came back as a kung-fu mistress.

2. I heard they said that the best performer walks home with 1 million naira, the keyboardist took his performance to the next level.

3. That wonderful moment as Father and kids tried to rework old family photos.

4. Me when I first took a picture with an iPhone camera.

5. This isn't a superpower, this is sheer luck.

6. This is a rare perfectly timed photo, it took me 3 minutes to understand it, what about you.

Check out these hilarious photos of kids taking their sleeping pattern to the next level

1. After a stressful day at the playground "body no be firewood".

2. I heard he slept off while watching the news with his dad, they should allow the little child to watch cartoon network.

3. I heard he had a marathon race across the house and he's gone to complete the race in his dream.

4. This is how I sleep when I know that I'm not going to work the next day.

5. Perfect way to sleep when you don't want to save space for others.

Check out these hilarious photos of people taking fashion to the next level

1. How would you rate this hairstyle and what name should we call it?

2. Nothing is wasted when it comes to fashion, he changed cement bags into suitable wear. How would you rate him?

3. How would you rare her hairstyle?

Who can save Sammy from the beating that's about to descend on him? He was sent to buy fuel but he ended up watching a movie at the stream, you can see his dad "papa Sammy" watching him from afar.

It's always best to start the month with God so if you believe your problems and challenges can be turned into cash then claim this with an Amen in the comment section below.

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