10 Popular Nollywood Actors We Don't Hear About Anymore


Being a great country, Nigeria has greatly succeeded when it comes to the Movie Industry Popularly known as Nollywood. Where popular actors and actresses display their talents. There are also Some Nollywood legends who left us sooner than we expected.

Now in this case I'm talking about Nollywood actors we don't actually hear about or hear from anymore, You can call them Legends because they are the real Nollywood.

These great actors we have forgotten can be seen below;

1. Saint Obi

2. Francis Duru

3. Clem Ohameze

4. Tony Umez

5. Charles Okafor

6. Emeka Ike

7. Chidi Mokeme

8. Ernest Obi

9. Bob-Manuel Udokwu

10. Emeka Enyiocha

You might be thinking... Are they dead? No they are not still alive and kicking that is most of them.

But honestly don't you agree with me? Have you ever seen any of these actors in recent movies?

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