Who wins the trophy for Euro 2020: England or Italy?


Football brings a lot of people together, be it males or females. Everyone has that favorite team he or she seems to love and support dearly. The Euro 2020 matches sought to bring some joy to many people across the globe. We saw about twenty four (24) countries playing. Very soon, the The 2020 UEFA European Football Championship popularly referred to as Euro 2020 would come to an end.

The finals match would come off on Sunday 11th July, 2021. This final match will be between the Gli Azzurri (The Blues) of Italy and the Three Lions of England. Italy beat Spain to qualify for the finals. England on the other hand beat Denmark 2:1 to qualify for the finals. These two who qualified for the finals are both very strong teams. Many people have already predicted the country which would win the trophy for Euro 2020. Some are saying Italy would win while others are also saying England would win. Looking the the massive performances of both Italy and England, which country do you think would win Euro 2020 trophy?

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