Why Football Fans Are Not Allowed To Have Or Blow Whistles During The Match

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Football is one of the most popular and loved games all over the world. Thousands of fans always flock the football matches to watch the games. However, there are rules that have been put in place to ensure that the game always runs smoothly.

The referee is the only person who has the authority to blow the whistle when the match is on because he is the controller. However, this isn't always the case because many of the fans usually have whistles which they often blow randomly. Did you know that this is not allowed?

Fans are not allowed to blow whistles while the match is on because they can interfere with the match. Multiple whistles can confuse the players making them think it is the referee blowing it. This can make the game stop many times affecting the game and the results. Since this has become a big problem as all the fans can not be checked to see if they have them, they have devised a new method.

If you have ever been keen, you must have noticed that the referee's whistle is powerful and has a different sound from that of the fans. This helps players not to be confused by whistles of the fans.

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